DOÑA CALAVERA …Y la vi en Camposanto Review

Doña Calavera cover art

DOÑA CALAVERA “…Y la vi en Camposanto”

Self Released

It’s a pleasure reviewing this demo. These guys have deep roots in funeral rock music, and they added strong elements from Mexican traditions. Actually, the combination is quite interesting as they forged a conceptual product and is truly professional. Three tracks with excellent hooks and the influence of NWOBHM are something to take seriously, and they know this.

They handled to create great vocal lines beside ominous guitar lines and without childish mistakes. These three songs can be described like a Mexican reinterpretation of stoner/doom rock, with strong elements of heavy metal and dark atmospheres. Well, I know that guitarist Juan Villanueva (also in Empire’s Darkness) is going to hate me for classifying this demo; and probably send magic spells over me and my webzine, hehehe!! Nevermind the risk, this is what I heard and I’m very pleased with the result of his work. Highly recommended!!I’ll wait for the debut album. – Victor Varasña-Calavera/452323964803870

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