TEMPESTA Scusate per il Sangue Review

Tempesta cover art

TEMPESTA “Scusate per il Sangue”


I’m quite sure that I saw this name somewhere in my old metal magazines. Actually, this Italian trio has been active since 1992 and is not necessary to say that they know very well the heavy metal business. The roots are thick and strong, definitely all tracks are based in the true spirit of heavy metal, and all members have a particular good taste on heaviness, aggressiveness and melodic lines.

Also, vocalist Fulvio Sain sings in Italian, and somehow he developed a very respectable personality for the band. I don’t know why it reminds me Hungarian legends Ossian, because of the vocal lines and very well driven rhythm sections. The band knows how to compose great heavy metal hymns, like “Radici nel Cemento” and everything is tied by a good dose of complexity and modern sounds. This is another example of European underground bands that must be valuate again as they deliver high musical skills and great productions. It’s highly recommended if you are into melodic heavy metal with progressive metal class. – Victor Varas



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