EMBALMED Brutal Delivery of Vengeance Review

Embalmed Brutal delivery cover art

EMBALMED “Brutal Delivery of Vengeance”

Dark Blasphemies Records

Don’t confuse these guys with Mexican death/blackers, or the other two or three bands with the same name in USA. EMBALMED from Dallas, TX is a very old death/grind metal band that sounds brutal and tied with guts. The band released a couple of demos in early 90’s, and after that they went to form CUNTHAMMER.

Seems like they didn’t made much musically speaking, because they brought back EMBALMED and also released a debut album which sounds really good. If you ask me, they have quite interesting roots in old American death metal, and also there are some touches of grind core music, ala early CARCASS. All tracks sound extremely well conceived and there are some excellent moments where massive guitar riffs join in chaotic atmospheres, throughout specific complex structures. Early Morbid Angel would be a good reference for it, and these guys know how to give a particular taste to funeral lines. All in all, this is an excellent piece of putrefaction with thick roots and excellent touches of brutality and violence. Recommended for lovers of old stuff and rotten death metal with vibes in crudeness. – Victor Varas



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