THE GARDNERZ Exiting Reality Review

THE GARDNERZ cover art

THE GARDNERZ “Exiting Reality”

Self released

This band has been doing a good job for promotion, and definitely they are going for a big piece of cake. Coming from Sweden, the main vibe they do is a particular perspective of death metal/doom metal forged in the most heavy and atrocious side of both genres.

In general, is difficult to get into this dark music although it has many melodic sections and everything is tied by a strong sense of classy death metal. Actually, this EP features what seems to be a one long song divided in two sections. Both tracks have solid guitar riffs, great vocal lines (highlights to “epic” clean voices) and extremely putrid stench everywhere. Also, there is a heavy influence of progressive music elements, as the band delivers high musical moments and good taste of composition. This is a very respectable hybrid of death metal and doom metal that maybe will not change the world, but I must say that it has what is necessary to deliver great moments in subconscious. As extra info, guitarist Wilhelm Lindh played in Mexican death metal legend TOXODETH a long time ago.– Victor Varas

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