ARMAGEDON Thanatology Review

Armagedon Thanatology cover art

ARMAGEDON “Thanatology”

Mystic Production

Aaaargh!! What a piece of destructive, brutalism and heavy death metal I have here. Maybe some of you remember this classic name from Poland. They’ve been active since 1987 or something, and after a big pause, they released this album full of good shit.

This is a death metal album full of complexity, insane guitar riffs and intense drum blasting like a gun machine. It sounds definitely brutal and modern, but I have to admit that they go a step beyond, and created some interesting atmospheres based in apocalyptic lines and morbid structures. Also, guttural vocals from Sławomir Maryniewski are simply perfect, and this throat deserves all my attention because seems like he captured the essence of putrefactive old school from America, and added excellent touches of European style. If you ask me, this band don’t sound like the rest of the over populated genre, although there are many similar references inside. Tuned low as hell, cannibalistic vocals, poisonous structures, stench ala old school, what else can you ask for? Excellent death metal full of brutality coming from Poland!! – Victor Varas

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