GOD’s DESIRE Paratrixa Diskara Review

Gods Desire cover art

GOD’s DESIRE “Παρατρίχα Δισκάρα (Paratrixa Diskara)”

Self Released

Talking about distinct metal bands around the globe, these motherfuckers coming from Greece called my attention from the first track. They composed a very solid and consistent thrash metal album full of melodic lines, great sections and good taste on the genre.

Actually, there is a punkish vibe in the whole album and it gives a particular taste for lovers of rancid music. The most important aspect is that vocalist Iatrodikastis sings in Greek and I liked it because reminds me the old days when I used to listen to some punk bands from different countries, and they were singing in the respective idioms. If you are into the chase of new and distinct bands, this is really a good example, though this band has four albums to the day and seems like they are not new in metal music. Lyrics? I don’t know what they talk in the lyrics, but seems like is very funny topics.– Victor Varas


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