HELL’S DOMAIN Album Review

Hells Domain cover art

HELL’S DOMAIN “Hell’s Domain”

Punishment 18 Records

There are many aspects I really liked from this CD, but I have to admit that the main one is the solid sound of guitar riffs and the extremely well done production behind studio’s  table.  Coming from Denmark, these guys have all the old school sound running through their veins, as all of them have played in different bands before.

And it’s a pleasure to hear a good thrash metal based in thick roots of American old school, and excellent vibes into modernity. If you ask me, they made a great combination of both worlds by making a good effort in musical arrangements, poisonous lines and incisive touches of complexity here and there. All tracks have personality and for moments recalled me big names like Testament, Anthrax, Exodus, etc, plus a heavy touch of punkish attitude. Also, there is a big metallic spirit that walks throughout the whole album, and takes form in speed metal (The Walls Come Tumblin’ Down), solid heavy metal (Crawling in the Shadows), etc. The result is excellent and very enjoyable for those alopecic motherfuckers surrounding 40 years old. This is a great debut album, recommended for those who are looking for new jewels in the European underground. – Victor Varas

Turn the volume knob to 11, chug beer and being short of breathe while rehearsing



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