NEPHYLA Codigo del Phylo Review

Nephyla metal cover art

NEPHYLA “Codigo del Phylo”

Self Released

Hell Yeah!!!! Thanx to a good friend I have this promo, and I must say that I’m very impressed because I didn’t expected such an excellent piece of grind/death metal coming from a pair of young girls. Yep, only one guitar/vocalist, one drummer, and the biggest attitude of the world are enough to create a putrid death metal forged in the most insane, stinky and visceral root.


Actually, all tracks contain a heavy charge of brutality and chaotic guitar riffs, and these girls really know how to sound rabid, dark and primitive without falling into childish mistakes. Also, the production is raw and direct to the bone, and is not recommended for weak people, this is pure destructive and cannibalistic death metal. Keep an eye on these girls; I’m sure they will do interesting stuff in the near future. It’s a great debut from the Mexican death metal underground scene.– Victor Varas

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