INFEST The Next Will Be Yours… Review

Infest cover art

INFEST “The Next Will Be Yours…”


Ok, this is another band that you don’t have to confuse from the other thousands of metal bands sharing the same name. (Specially a Serbian band, also reviewed in this webzine) These French guys are a total front attack of rabid death metal in an interesting hybrid of grind core/noise/punk metal.


The result is quite effective and chaotic… I mean very chaotic. Also, music has moments, and I hate my speakers because I can’t turn up the volume enough to catch the poisonous vibes. All tracks are low tuned, short and direct to the bone, so don’t expect melodic stuff. These songs are forged in destructive guitar riffs, anger and demonical velocity. 21 cuts of pure flesh and blood will damage your tiny ears, so beware!!  – Victor Varas

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