LUCIFER’S HAMMER Night Sacrifice Demo MMXIII Review

Lucifers Hammer cover art

LUCIFER’S HAMMER “Night Sacrifice Demo MMXIII”

Shadow Kingdom Records

Don’t confuse this Chilean band with American black/death metal band who share the same name, although both bands inspired the name after the novel by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle (1977). This Chilean dudes are into NWOBHM and the sound of this piece of obscure heavy metal is totally rusted and with obvious references to old bands.


Actually, all tracks are influenced by this sound, and they make a good homage to the true spirit of the genre. Maybe they sound a little bit basic and primitive, and most of all guitar riffs are stolen from here and there, but I have to admit that they forged great moments in the songs, and recall me the old glories of the most traditional side of this genre. Catchy melodies, great vocal lines and a breath of early Maiden, Saxon, Angel Witch… what else can I say? This three songs demo will blow your head if you are fan of those bands, but I prefer to wait I little more to see what happens next. – Victor Varas

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