SPLIT HEAVEN The Devil’s Bandit Review

Split Heaven cover art

SPLIT HEAVEN “The Devil’s Bandit”

Pure Steel Records

Everybody knows that Eligio Valenzuela is not longer in the band, former guitarist Pedro Zelbohr also departed, and Taii Hernández left bass guitar (traitor!!) and is now on guitar duties. Many lineup changes in a short time! but it seems like it doesn’t affects them because they have matured as a band and they know the floor where they are standing on.

On this album the Mexicans show for the first time new vocalist Gian Carlo Farjat and he really did an excellent work with class and technique. I can’t say that he is better than Eligio (I remember his awesome high pitched vocals) but the album is quite good and it sounds with very professional and matured lines. I think that the band is also on its highest moments, as they did interesting compositions balanced between modern sounds and old school heavy metal. It has good ideas at drums department, excellent guitar lines, and incisive dose of adrenaline throughout the whole album. Also, I see an abysmal difference from the time when their songs were sung in English language.  If you ask me, this CD contains a particular perspective of traditional heavy metal and the band has consolidated a style, forged in pure steel. This is a recommended piece of Mexican heavy metal, next to become a classic. – Victor Varas



One response to “SPLIT HEAVEN The Devil’s Bandit Review

  1. I purchased the cd and is very recommended. Like you said, is a combination of traditional heavy metal and maybe some of power metal. For me, sometimes, sounds like Helloween and others like Primal Fear. The new vocalist is very good. Excellent band.


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