ARTERIAL MIST Draining your life Review

Arterial Mist cover art

ARTERIAL MIST “Draining your life”

Self Released

Hell yeah!! Now we are talking! Coming from Columbus, Ohio, these young metalers did an excellent work in a debut EP. It sounds simplistic, brutal, primitive and ominous at the same time, and there are some touches of grind metal, and that’s a very welcomed sound.

All is very well tied by velocity and solid guitar riffs forged in the old days of ancient death metal, and if you ask me, this band really captures some of the best of dark atmospheres of the genre in those years. Also, they created some excellent lines based in irregular tempos and they really have great moments of chaotic stuff and heaviness, like in song “She was salty” which is one of the best of all. Did I mention there is a girl handling bass guitar? Kacy Misanthrope has a great performance on this instrument, and I’m plenty satisfied because they gave a good place in the recording for her lines. Beyond playing the same guitar lines, she looks for independent lines on bass guitar and denotes a hard work at rehearsal room. This is a young death metal band with high musical skills and it handles a good spirit on the most putrid, horrific and poisonous side of the genre. I’m sure they will be signed soon and I’ll be waiting for more news from them. Recommended! – Victor Varas

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