IMPACTOR Arise in Decay Review

Impactor cover art

IMPACTOR “Arise in Decay”

Final Gate Records

After a couple of releases, these young Germans released the debut album in 2012. All tracks are forged in the purest form of thrash metal, you know, solid guitar riffs, atrocious lines, atomic drum structures and a vocalist in the vein of old Kreator.

Actually, this band is a total homage to old Germanic gods of the genre, and beyond that; they really know how to drive violent atmospheres through pestilent metal spirit. But there is a problem: I heard two times this album and I just couldn’t make it to the fifth track. I really don’t know what happened and I know my fucking reviews suck, but for moments this album turned bored and repetitive. I’m really sorry but I can’t lie on this. Anyway, I can’t say that they are bad musicians, they have good roots on the most metallic and authentic side of the genre and they deserve keep an eye over them, though my personal opinion. As extra info, this album was mixed and mastered by Harris Johns in the legendary Music Lab Berlin. – Victor Varas

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