SPIRITROW The Signs Review

Spiritrow cover art


Fog Foundation

The promo sheet describes this as a “groovy sound”, and before you stop reading I must say that I found a very interesting hybrid of hard core/metal, thrash metal and melodic stuff over here. Coming from Veneto, Italy, these guys created a good debut album with powerful guitar riffs, melodic lines and this entire rabid attitude required for thrash metal bands since the beginning of the genre.

If you ask me, I found some excellent moments throughout all tracks, but I also found some deficiencies here and there, and I should blame it to composition’s immaturity, although I must say that they have high musical skills. Not everything is spoiled, I mean, there are good guitar riffs like in song “The voice of nothing” which also dares to experiment with hard core music structures. If you ask me, the band sounds good and solid, and they only have to work in some specific aspects in order to not sound repetitive. My favorite song is “On Time” which shows one of the best moments of the album, and I must say that it has a punkish spirit in a very particular perspective. It is not the most original stuff I’ve heard these days, but I’ll be waiting for new material from them. It seems like they have good ideas and good school. – Victor Varas



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