Break my Door Festival will be held on Saturday April 19th

Whiplash Morbid Saint Mexico 2014

The first edition of the festival called “Break my Door” will be held on Saturday April 19th of this year and will begin at 18 pm in the Foro Insurgentes in Mexico City,  with bands like Whiplash, Morbid Saint and Lich King and Mexican Metal Tribute to Tolkien , where thrash metal ring around the top for true fans that are allowed to return to this event large posters of the early nineties in Mexico .

Break My Door is an event of Thrash metal, where the two schools are combined, the old represented by Whiplash and Morbid Saint and newly minted with the presence of the Lich King. Whiplash is a band formed in 1984 in Passaic, New Jersey and Morbid Saint appears in 1982 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Lich King is a native of Amherst, Massachusetts in 2004.

Break My Door is not just the name of a festival, it’s all a concept, because it involves connoisseurs delivery of the soul in the moshpit , it’s like saying people Whiplash ” No matter if you break the face, ie the door. It’s a fun way to say Hey dude!, let’s fill the place to have fun with brothers lovers of heavy music, beer and moshpit to break the door “.

This is the first edition of this event as such but everything has an origin as were the three editions of “Break my door ” , this brought together the best bands in the metal scene in Mexico and has evolved to “Break My Door ” to bring the public the best of international and national scene.

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Info provided by Sergio Islas

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