WOSLOM Time to Rise Review

Woslom cover art

WOSLOM “Time to Rise”

Punishment 18 Records

Well, is my first encounter with this Brazilian gang, and I must say that they really know how to make a pretty decent form of thrash metal with guts and musical skills. This is the reissue for a violent thrash metal album recorded in 2010 and done for crushing skulls and bones. Certainly they have good school.

All tracks are forged in solid structures, sharp guitar riffs and punkish attitude. In some specific moments they added Speed metal lines to the party, like in the track “Despise your pain”, which is truly a good homage to old school. Also, is true that they are strongly influenced by Dave Mustaine and Cia, Testament, etc, and you can notice this fact in the whole album. I have no problem with that because they do a great job and also made a great effort to match a particular metal sound with good taste and power. It seems like they’ve been active since 1997, although they’ve changed line up several times, they remained positive in good form and making good noise since always. As aforementioned, this is my first contact and I’m very satisfied. Horns up for a new generation of Brazilian thrash metal!! – Victor Varas



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