Chainsaw Magazine 4 from Colombia is ready!

Chainsaw metal magazine 4

The new edition of Chainsaw Zine 4 printed, written in Spanish is available. This time includes interviews and biographies with:Avgrunn (Esp), Puerkomorfosis (Ecu), Necroriser (Ing), Exterminio (Arg), Deranged (Sue), Nothingness (Mex), Enthrallment (Bel), Prolapso (Col), A Good Day For KIlling (Tai), Hyperthropy (Col),  Trichophyton Mentagrophyties (Ecu), Sevared Rec. (USA) and many more!

Caratula full color, 20 black and white inside pages, 16.3 cm X 21.7 cm extreme metal, ultra limited edition of only 20 numbered copies! Includes CD-r box containing full color tracks of some of the participating bands …

More info: chainsawprod(at)

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