DECOMPOSED Devouring Review

Decomposed cover art

DECOMPOSED “Devouring”

Memento Mori

I’ve been listening to this stinky piece of putrefaction, and it truly brings me a lot of memories of old death metal from Scandinavia. Specially, old names like Grave, Entombed, Unleashed, etc. If I don’t mistake, there were many bands sharing the same name, like the UK’s Decomposed who left two jewels in early 90’s, so you don’t confuse with these motherfuckers.

Actually, is true that they deliver the most obscured, ominous and primitive essence of Swedish death metal, but they definitely don’t want to be a “homage” band, and for moments they created particular atmospheres full of venomous guitar riffs and distinct structures.  Also, these guys know how to deliver putrid guitar lines and melodic expressions that at the end sound simple and effective, and that’s a talent if you ask me. Tracks like “Ode to the End” and “Decomposition” have good ideas and both are looking for own style among the unreachable genre. No, this is not about old glories if the genre. This album is about getting close to the Death itself, and has a truly crushing perspective for describing the concept.  The challenge is transmit this concept through music and Decomposed did it this time. Ultra recommended! – Victor Varas

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