DOMAINS Sinister Ceremonies Review

Domains cover art

DOMAINS “Sinister Ceremonies”

The Sinister Flame

Excellent piece of infernal death metal with touches of originality and technical elements! It’s true that the death metal genres has an evolution in almost all ramifications, but believe me, it’s hard to tie these ramifications into a singular and coherent concept.

This Spanish entity did a great job by composing a debut album full of sinister and tenebrous atmospheres, most of them rooted in death metal and black metal. I must admit that I can name some of different sources used here, but the band knows about the business and all track are carefully polished until the bleed. I really liked the way they composed ultra complex guitar riffs and at the same time transmit simple lines with no mercy. The main objective is getting the listener into a Luciferian state of mind, which is like a bath of painful sections, sharp guitars and ultra-rotten vocals. All tracks have this feeling of blood feast and the production is clear enough to listen to all instruments, but still sound dirty and direct to the bone. It’s another discovery of this year. Bravo for Spain! – Victor Varas

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