GUTSLIT Skewered in the Sewer Review

Gutslit cover art

GUTSLIT “Skewered in the Sewer”

Transcending Obscurity India

What about brutal death metal bands in India? To be honest, this is my first contact with any metal band in this country, although I know from many sources that there is a big metal scene there. Gutslit is a brutal machine full of powerful guitar riffs, energetic drums and cannibalistic vocals with extremely thick references to American death-grind metal.

All tracks are rooted in modern death metal bands, and the entire album stink a poisoned air of putrefaction. Actually the “brutal factor” is an obvious reference to old names like Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, etc. These motherfuckers created insane guitar riffs into ultra-technical structures, and you will hear excellent musical arrangements here and there, like the aggressive harmonics on guitars, fast drum sections, and violent bass notes. As aforementioned, everything is tied by technical elements and denotes high musical skills, among good taste in violent guitar riffs. This album left me a great taste of blood in the mouth, and I’m sure I’ll take my time to search new names in India. Also, I’ll keep an eye on the band. – Victor Varas

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