SMORG A Morbid Chapter Review

Smorg covert art

SMORG “A Morbid Chapter”

Self Released

It’s a great demo with the most extreme, raw and dirty side of metal. A demo full of agonic/painful screams, sharp guitar riffs and the spirit of morbidity taken from 90’s, it’s always a good signal and yes, I liked it. Actually, this entire demo sounds obscured, primitive and with no filters.

Just like if the band recorded a rehearsal session into the Demon’s rectum. No offense, because the result sounds direct to crush your skull and engulf your skin at once. On these five tracks, the band dares to make a hybrid of different sources and delivers a solid and atrocious state of mind covering different elements from black metal, grind metal, experimental noises, and huge pack of ritualistic sections. If you don’t mind, you have to listen to this demo carefully and with a specific state of mind, just to try and understand what’s about. It’s another brute jewel coming from UK and good taste on extreme metal music. – Victor Varas

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