EXPULSION Certain Corpses Never Decay Review

Expulsion cover art

EXPULSION “Certain Corpses Never Decay”

Vic Records

It’s a nice compilation of old Swedish material. This band features members from Treblinka, Tiamat, Absurd, etc.  and you might imagine that high quality is guarantee. If you like early days of Scandinavian death metal, when everything delivered good punkish stench on rotten vibes, you will be interested in this piece of raw metal.

All tracks have the taste of atrocious death metal forged in primitive guitar riffs, basic drums and metallic spirit. If you ask me, you will notice the fire of underground as those years ruled, and personally I love how they take care of instruments on the mix table. This compilation includes two early demos called “Cerebral Cessation” and “Veiled in the Mists of Mystery” from 1989 or something, and music is totally rooted in caustic guitar riffs and infernal atmospheres created by burning lines. Tracks like “Old time Entombed” denote high influences from early death metal with class, as it has different sections that combine heavy metal, acoustic passages and aggressive elements. As aforementioned, this piece of old skull has high quality and you will be not disappointed if those names mentioned are familiar to you. As extra info, Erik Danielsson (Watain) drew cover art. – Victor Varas



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