BATTLEROAR Blood of Legends Reviews

Battleroar cover art

BATTLEROAR “Blood of Legends”

Cruz Del Sur Music

This is one of the most representative bands of “Epic metal” in Greece these days, and for over 14 years the name has increased its musical status worldwide. The new album is definitely forged in the most heavy and burning side of the genre, and believe me; these guys know what are they doing.

All tracks have this heavy influence from NWOBHM sound, and immediately you will relate it with early Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road, Manowar, Satan, etc. but these guys have a particular perspective in instrumentation as there are many excellent epic moments full of doom breath as Candelmass, if I can confirm. Also, there are specific moments where a violin is a protagonist of quite good atmospheres that fit with class and good taste. Mi favorite track is “Immortal Chariot” which is an example of iron running in the veins and features some classic guitar riffs over explosive sections. You will not find ultra fast guitar riffs, or arrogant complexity, this is heavy metal rooted in epic feeling, and metallic spirit. It’s recommended for old fans of the genre. You know who you are.– Victor Varas

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