GUARNERIUS re edition 2014 Review

Guarnerius cover art

GUARNERIUS re edition 2014 Mexico Double CD

Self Released

This album was released back in 2003 under the name of “Arcanos Abismos”. In those years symphonic Power Metal was still very popular around. Now, ten years after, someone re-released the album (I suppose someone of the band) with a totally different art y package. Also, adding a second CD with extra staff. Sadly there is not much info to tell us where those extra tracks are from, if they are new tracks or what!! Not even is mentioned if the albums was remixed; surely it was re mastered at least.

Anyway, I have the same opinion nowadays than 10 years ago: the music is very good; the weak point is the vocalist. Perhaps his voice is not that bad, but for a style like Power Metal, he simply does not match. The keyboards and guitars are the highlights on this album; sadly the production was not good enough to show us the real potential of the musicians. The drums and bass guitar are very much hidden in the mix, and thus, there is not much power of the rhythmic section. A big error was to sing in Spanish. Not to use English is a problem to make it in Europe and the USA, so, the chances of Guarnerius of breaking through the very overpopulated Metal scene were few.  Other mistake was to keep vocals in front of the mix. We must bear in mind that the vocalist was not the very best so; there was no need to place him in the very front! Regarding the second CD with extra staff, I can only mention that the style is more or less the same than what we found on the album. Perhaps with some style changes, more into progressive kind of stuff. The vocals are more or less the same. I think these bonuses are preproduction versions of songs to be recorded for an album which never was produced. It seems their (first?) demo was included, but due to the lack of info, none can be sure… Even when Power Metal is not much popular these days, I suppose some diehard fans are still interested in underground bands, so Guarnerius might be a good option to check if you don’t look for a perfect album or band. – Jose Luis Cano

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