Pitch Black Mentality cover art

PITCH BLACK MENTALITY “Pitch Black Mentality”

Self Released

Maybe this is the first melodic thrash metal band from Norway I know so far. Everybody is familiar with all those black metal entities coming from that lonely place, and I just can’t imagine how this band came with the idea of making … melody.

The music is an interesting hybrid of thrash metal and power metal, with strong elements of heavy metal, melodic stuff, musical arrangements and aggressive vocals. If you ask me, vocalist Tore Christer Storlid has strong roots on hard core music, as he likes to scream violently almost all the time, although he made some great moments with high pitched mode. Also, the works of both guitarists is remarkable, and definitely have high musical skills. Just listen to twin guitar solos at track “Tool of War” and you will hear what I’m talking about. This album is full of dynamic tracks and is highly immersed in modern elements, mainly influenced from American metal and the so called “nü metal”. If you ask me, the band has everything for being signed soon by a label and for launch. Hopefully it will happen this year if they do the right things. This kind of music is not for me though. – Victor Varas


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