ESKHATON Worship Death Review

Eskhaton cover art

ESKHATON “Worship Death”

Chaos Records

Hell!! What a piece of violent and chaotic shit I have here. This Australian entity really released a second album full of evil force, complexity and fast death for weak ears. All tracks have the same chaotic vibe that recall me Conqueror, Archgoat, etc and for moments it even have touches of grind metal.

This is one of those hyper-violent black/death metal albums that go beyond musical structures by making a solid wall of noise, where apparently every instrument is chaotic and confusing, although the painful atmosphere reveals a tremendously insane and twisted mind behind the music. Also, occasionally there are some explosive guitar solos here and there, from which you will be drill with no mercy in your ears. As aforementioned, this is an album full of cacophonic savage, bestiality and painful structures, and you will be pleased if your ears are accustomed to the most sharpened and corrosive side of the black/death metal genre. It’s weird to see this title on Chaos Recs catalogue. – Victor Varas

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