INSULTERS We are the Plague Review

Insulters we are the plague cover art

INSULTERS “We are the Plague”

Unholy Prophecies

Recently the Spanish scene is giving excellent bands, regardless of style , now these bastards Insulters presents ” We are the plague” . Essentials before going on to say that they are formed by members of Graveyard, Korgull the exterminator and Morbid Flesh , so ante here make these musicians is a basic thrash old school to combine with black metal of old eighties style .

In general there is no waste, start with the typical gloomy intro giving way to a front battery as well remind you that the primal Slayer, Venom faster you remember. Sometimes the memories are Possessed, Hellhammer or something (though less obvious) . The sound is very appropriate for the occasion does not sound “synthetic ” but at the same time each instrument is meant, above the battery that gives no mercy. It’s a great band, and if you can Purchase it in its vinyl version has better sound and presentation. – Sangre Azteca

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