SCREAM IN DARKNESS In an Hour of Bloody Sacrement Review

Scream in Darkness cover art

SCREAM IN DARKNESS “In an Hour of Bloody Sacrement”

Self Released

I really like when underground bands do the appropriated things for promote their work. I received a physical copy of the album and I can say that the devotion of this band for their music is evident since I see a luxury digi-pack edition in a very professional care.

This is something that some rock stars should learn out there, right? Coming from Moscow, Russia, this combo trio released an excellent third album full of aggressive death/thrash metal with melodic elements and interesting musical arrangements in all instruments. All tracks have specific moments where I find explosive vibes and high musical skills. Also, they oscillate from both death metal and black metal with strong roots in the most technical side. Definitely they don’t compose arrogant riffs or childish shit. This is an album very well balanced and beyond good taste, these Russians offer dark atmospheres over melodic guitar riffs and a decent dose of cathartic structures. My favorite track is “Месть 3” which is a mid pace mode song with excellent keyboard atmospheres and a “mainstream” style. All elements of melody are complement of the central theme and really sound good. BTW, is a shame I don’t understand a word. Good release from Russia, I hope they’ll sign with a big label soon. – Victor Varas

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