WOSLOM Time to Rise Review 2

Woslom cover art

WOSLOM “Time to Rise”

Punishment 18 Records

Woslom born in the year 1997 and since its inception decided to play thrash metal. Maybe in the year the band was born, this type of music was not as popular, but in 2014 they are still playing the style in which they were born no matter what the media thinks.

“Rise to eats” is his first album and was released in the year 2010; Now 4 years later, he rewrites his new company, and the contents of the disk is in a style entirely within the sound they called “bay area” in a voice close to old Metallica. The riffs closer Testament or Exodus. So much dynamism and strength Woslom recalls that time where not even thrash metal prostituted large companies, only thing I can fault is that it does not sound entirely original but is an album that shows a band true to its roots and desire to further develop another 20 years, along with a solid performance of his style. – Sangre Azteca



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