MORBID FLESH Embedded in the Ossuary Review

Morbid Flesh cover art

MORBID FLESH “Embedded in the Ossuary”

Unholy Prophecies

Wait a minute… Did I played a Grave’s CD in my car? (Bicho slows down the car and pulls the CD back) Nop, it’s the correct CD. Hell yeah! This is another piece of tremendously well done death metal coming from Spain, and it’s already another prove of the healthy scene (er… and insane of death metal) in that country.

The band released an excellent full album in 2011 before they had many lineup changes, and this time they came back with also a new label. Everything is tied with Swedish old school vibes, ala Dismember, Grave, Entombed, etc, but these motherfuckers are so experienced that they look for a new perspective of death metal. I mean, music is rooted in that ominous way, and the band composed excellent musical arrangements for caustic atmospheres inside death metal structures with class. Another aspect to underline is the vocalist Vali who recorded an excellent work beyond bestiality and rawness. This is one of those death metal albums that easily can be catalogued as a promising jewel of the year. You will worship this dark entity in seconds. As extra info, Javy Bastard (Graveyard) recorded, mixed, and mastered this piece of pestilent putrefaction. It sounds crude, heavy and direct to your bones. – Victor Varas

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