WICKED INQUISITION Silence Thereafter Review

Wicked Inquisition cover art

WICKED INQUISITION “Silence Thereafter”

Self Released

Yeah! Now we are talking. This American young band sounds heavy, simple and with a 70’s vintage vibe inside every guitar riff. Coming from Minnesota, this is their second EP and although it’s an oversaturated genre nowadays, guys from Wicked Inquisition did an excellent work on composition, rooted totally on Black Sabbathian old school.

Actually, the album “Master of Reality” is a good reference and all tracks have a particular taste of stoner/doom music, even the guitar solos are plenty of blues inspiration and transmit distinct states of mind. Four tracks seem to be little for showing what the band is. This is a great independent band you should support if you are into rock stoner/doom releases from the underground scene, trying to find a place. Stick this name in your mind. – Victor Varas



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