DJINN AND MISKATONIC Forever In The Realm Review

Djinn and Miskatonic cover art


Transcending Obscurity India

On my second encounter with metal bands from India, this time is a dark entity playing the densest, heavy and sludgy side of doom metal. Yep, this is really full of gloomy, creepy and stoned guitar riffs with strong roots in Black Sabbath heritage, but certainly these guys want to give another perspective for heaviness and deep lines.

Actually, the music has very good moments forged in painful melodies and bizarre structures, but also there are some moments truly somniferous and that’s the point: if you listen to this piece of gloomy art in the correct state of mind, you might get the vibes. On the other hand, if you are a lazy motherfucker like me, this will turn into boring experience and like a slow martyrdom (listen to last track “Weird Tales”). Anyway, the band sounds pretty good and professional, and seems like they have worked for hours behind the rehearsal door. Put on this anesthetic record and sit in darkness. Maybe you will find yourself more connected to this album. – Victor Varas

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