ENEMY Cruda Realidad Review

Enemy cruda realidad cover art

ENEMY “Cruda Realidad”

Self released

Holy shit!! This is nothing but a great piece of destructive and carnivorous death metal in its pure essence. Coming from Medellin, Colombia, these guys really know about the business and they have released this brute jewel. All tracks are rooted into the most aggressive and corrosive side of the genre and you can name some big names for true reference, like Death, Cancer, Pestilence, etc.

If you ask me, the band is not making a copy from those years; they simply composed what seems to be a particular perspective of death metal music, from the eyes of the ones who have dedicated an entire life to worship the genre. Just listen to tracks “Barbarie” and “Sadismo”, which are based in solid guitar riffs and hyper-aggressive drums. Also, vocalist/guitarist Johnathan Calle did an excellent job by creating caustic guitar lines and infernal growls like possessed. Dude, I find a balance between bestiality, aggression and good roots in old European death metal bands with class.  I mean, this is the kind of albums that makes you believe again in a music genre that is supposed to be copied over and over again. It’s ultra-recommended for those bastards looking for jewels in Latin-American death metal. As extra info, this album is totally sung in Spanish. – Victor Varas


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