GRAVEYARD GHOUL The Living Cemetery Review

Graveyard Ghoul cover art

GRAVEYARD GHOUL “The Living Cemetery”

Final Gate Records

I remember I purchased the album debut at Chaos Distro some months ago, and I can say that I’m very satisfied with this rancid and primitive death metal full of stinky chords and dark atmospheres. Now, this is the second album and the band really followed the same line.

All tracks are composed around the guitar riffs, and this exposure a truly insane feeling behind musical structures. You don’t need complexity or arrogant scales to transmit the breath of death through musical creations, and these German guys know about it. Of course, there are many influences from different sources from old glories of the genre, like Death, Autopsy, Slayer, Bolt Thrower, etc, but the band knows how to approach the knowledge and built corrosive lines on aggressive attacks. Also, there are some really good moments where you can smell some influences thrash metal, specifically on track “Who goes there”, which is a rabid song ala old Sodom vibes. The production is crude and direct to the bone, and reminds the old years where everything was recorded with no filters and gentle pussies. This is a recording that will destroy your speakers in the first track, and no mercy with it. I have here another great death metal entity from German underground scene. – Victor Varas

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