CONTAMINATED Pestilential Decay Review

Contaminated cover art

CONTAMINATED “Pestilential Decay”

Crawling Chaos Productions

Well, every time I receive a death metal demo coming from Australia, I open a can of beer, and then I lay down in my chair just to enjoy the stuff. I find four horrible tracks forged in the most insane and primitive side of death metal genre, and it truly called my attention because there is only one man responsible of all this noise.

L.M. did an excellent work by composing a large amount of painful guitar lines full of morbidity, dark atmospheres and rude structures. All tracks have the same vibes and music is truly tied by chaos, stinky abominations and ritualistic attack. It sounds like a total worship to death metal bands in early 90’s, and names like Incantation, Autopsy, Cancer, etc are obvious references, but this guy wants to give a particular perspective of the genre, by adding touches of brutality in growling vocals and funeral lines here and there with class and good taste. Also, the recording is raw and direct to your skull; perfect for ugly metal heads like you and me. I’ll keep an eye on this dark entity to see what happens next. – Victor Varas

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