GLUTTONY Beyond the Veil of Flesh Review

Gluttony cover art

GLUTTONY “Beyond the Veil of Flesh”

Vic Records

Aaaaargh!!It’s another piece of destructive and rancid death metal in the vein of Scandinavian tradition. Yep, they are from Sweden and this is supposed to be a solo-project from Anders Härén, guitarist of My Own Grave.

All tracks are very well balanced in melodic lines and ultra-fast thrash metal structures, and denote great knowledge of the business, since music sounds quite sinister, rabid and technical at the same time. It’s nothing but a great piece of death metal with solid influences from old names in Swedish area, but is clear that this band is also looking for a step beyond dark-death metal, and everything is tied by a violent perspective of the genre. My favorite is “Raise the Dead” which truly sounds like early albums of Dismember. Here you will find great guitar riffs, black atmospheres, aggressive vocals and a rabid punkish breath like a stinky grain in the face. Good work on an album debut, although these guys have long experience in the genre. – Victor Varas

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