INSAIN Enlightening the Unknown Review

Insain cover art for review online

INSAIN “Enlightening the Unknown”

Kaotoxin Records

I do not understand things, why release an album like this and then disappear? , Is absurd. Seven tracks show us these French in his third work by the way one of them was in the mythic Witches group. It is a neat production which you can distinguish each instrument, a cover containing black and white what is necessary to present the concept of the group.

The musical part is an absolute steamroller, brutal death metal, technical and dark, with many American and Polish roots. The guys sound very compact with excellent ideas on the composition further touch of darkness in his music. The structures are intense and rarely gives rest to the ears, but the highlight is the combination of rhythms such as ” Beyond the stellar remnants“, is a subject which shows that slowing the pace and mixing slow parts gave a better result . The biggest flaw, as in most of the group’s style, is the voice comes at times make square, and for this group combines a little torn, but not as intense as guttural voice. Tracks like “The scourge ” and “Enlightening the Unknown” left a legacy of a band that had a promising future and unfortunately decided to stop. – Sangre Azteca

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