NOCTURNAL WITCH Summoning Hell Review

Nocturnal Witch cover art

NOCTURNAL WITCH “Summoning Hell”

Undercover Records

It’s an excellent debut album coming from Germany. This is my first contact with the band and the music really impressed me because is forged in corrosive guitar lines, sharpened-blackened vocals and a remarkable metallic spirit.

Also, you can hear an incisive breathing of punk vibes in the whole album. This is a solo project of German Tyrant, bass player from Sanctifying Ritual, and he truly knows how to create darkness and aggression through guitar lines. The band has some interesting moments of rawness and primitive atmospheres, but everything sound consistent and tied with blood and death. If you ask me, what I liked most is the black metal sections here and there, which are forged in abysmal guitar lines and holocaustic screams. Just listen to “Among the Ruins of Past” and you will clearly hear a band that is not fooling around. This is a seriously young entity, full of black/thrash metal ready to dig your ears to bleed. It’s highly recommended. – Victor Varas

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