UNDER ATTACK High on Metal / The Aftermath Review

Under Attack cover art in review

UNDER ATTACK “High on Metal / The Aftermath”

Iron, Blood & Death Corporation

This is another discovery for me. I’ve been really interested in bands that have the metallic spirit running in the veins, with no arrogance or false pretentions. Under Attack is a Swedish band formed in 2012 and they truly know about this business.

This CD is supposed to be a compilation of their only two EPs and it really worth every cent. Music is forged in the most sharpened side of speed metal and heavy metal genres, and they added touches of evil thrash metal. The result is excellent as they deliver an aggressive hybrid, consistent and caustic. Also, I found some epic lines here and there, and I must say that vocalist Gustaf Sunding did an excellent work by driving high pitched screams in specific moments. Influences come from many sources, including Motörhead, Exciter (of course!), and inclusive raw punk music. My only complaint is the low-fi production that sounds weak and extremely rotten. After all, I hope they will release a full album soon. It’s a good CD! – Victor Varas



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