BASTARDOGS No Pain No Gain Review

Bastardogs cover art

BASTARDOGS “No Pain No Gain”

Street Symphonies

As always, Atomic Stuff sent me another good shit for review. This is a young band from Italy, and I really enjoyed the music because reminds me 80’s glam/hard rock. All tracks have a very well conceived metallic spirit, forged in the sleaziest, melodic and badass side of the genre.

You will hear nothing but 10 solid pieces of rock n’ roll with influences from many sources, like Motley Crüe, W.A.S.P. Poison, etc, and every is tied with a good breath of traditional heavy metal. If you ask me, many tracks from here can fit in a Radio Station, as feature really sticky lines, explosive guitar solos and fresh stuff in general. My favorite song is “Edge of Youth” which is a dirty piece of Rock n’ Roll in the vein of early Mötley Crue, with excellent vibes ala 80’s music. This is a band that deserves more attention from those old collectors of heavy metal and those who are looking for treasures in European underground metal scene. It’s a recommended CD from new wave of Rock n’ Roll coming from Italy. – Victor Varas

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