STEALTH Shores of Hope Review

Stealth cover art

STEALTH “Shores of Hope”

Self Released

This Italians have everything to be a successful act of heavy/hard rock. Good songs, good debut album, good reputation (as they have been very active in live gigs lately) good promotion, good image, etc. Everything related to the band seems to be quite professional and full of commercial ideas, which is something valid and respectable if we are talking a serious project for the masses.

Actually, all tracks have the same vibe of heavy metal spiced with great moments of hard rock and melodic stuff. I like when they dare to compose songs like “Nuclear Warfare” which is a great piece of hard rock influenced by old rock music from L.A. Maybe they need a bit more of guitar solos (emblematic guitar solos), or what is more, they need to add more personality to that department. Also, I think they should spend a night in my neighborhood and meet what is real Rock n’ Roll, if you know what I mean. Anyway, this is a promise band that can be rise to the Top in a short time. Keep an eye on them and support! – Victor Varas

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