Hellthrasher Productions (CD version)

I consider important to mention that this black entity is formed by members from Greek bands like Necrovorous, Burial Hordes and Acrimonious, and this is supposed to be an excellent reference to give. This is a debut album for a new beast coming from the mastermind Vaggelis Felonis: a hybrid of death/black metal in its pure essence: full of deadly lines, cathartic atmospheres and with a particular perspective.

Since I heard the first track I’m totally satisfied with high octane guitar riffs, solid structures and excellent ideas forged in consistent metallic spirit. Another aspect to underline is the way they create dark atmospheres, delivering quite corrosive sections. They don’t refer apocalyptic mess or boring chaotic noises. This is a band that finds the point for transmit dark essence through music and cosmic chaos through metaphoric lyrics. They go down tempo when is needed, and they go faster and aggressive where music lines are more painful. My favorite is “The Oldest of Times”, which first section is full of sinister guitar lines and burned atmospheres. “On his head like another crown of glory and honor two soft white wings shaped the form of the son of Dawn.” That’s a great line!! It’s an excellent piece of deadly death/black metal for worshipers of the most gritty and atmospheric temptations in music. – Victor Varas

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