Sons of Famine cover art


Self Released

Holy Shit!! This sounds rabid, aggressive raw and definitely obscure. Coming from Chicago, Ill, these mother fuckers formed a Slayer Tribute band, before they aborted this beast. Actually, according to the biography, most of them played in Corpse Vomit, an old death metal band from the 90’s, and I can see many important names in personal curriculum of each musician, like Malas, Evil Incarnate, Kommandant, Lividity, Summon, Gigan… duuude!!

These guys know very well what they are doing! On this new band I hear a great entity full of darkness and painful lines. All tracks have an interesting breath of chaotic guitar lines, hyper-fast sections and rancid spirit. Also, there is a particular perspective of punk music in the entire demo, which is completed with rabid vocals and atomic structures. My favorite track is “The Seed” which is a great piece of aggressive death/black metal forged in “epic” lines, and the most sharpened guitar riffs, faster than demon. Keep an eye on this beast; I’m sure they will be signed soon. As extra info, cover art is designed by Putrid Matt. What else can you ask? – Victor Varas

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