VESTAL CLARET The Cult of Vestal Claret Review

Vestal Claret cover art for the review

VESTAL CLARET “The Cult of Vestal Claret”

Cruz del Sur Music

Lovers of occult heavy metal, NWOBHM sounds and dark atmospheres, watch out this album! Coming from USA, these experienced guys did an excellent album forged in old heavy/rock music with clear references from Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, and many influences from different sources, like NWOBHM, psychedelic rock, doom metal, and the most traditional side of metal music.

The more I listen to this promo, the more I like it. Vocalist Phil Swanson don’t need to sing high pitched mode, as he knows how to transmit a deep essence of obscured heavy metal through dramatic lines and “epic” moments. Actually, the entire album has a healthy breath of damned melody, and the band delivers really good tracks like “Great Goat God”. This production sounds vintage (just listen to bass guitar lines!!), and that’s another hit point for the concept. I must say that this album is based in old heavy metal stuff, and it has an own personality, so you are not going to listen to shitty copies. This is obscured rock music and it cuts your head off immediately. As extra info, this album brings a cover version of “Who Are You? song. You know the name of the band where they took original version, don’t you? – Victor Varas

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