P.T.O.M.A. Shit into Existence Review

PTOMA Shit into existence cover art

P.T.O.M.A. “Shit into Existence”

Self released

After two demos in 2011, these Greek guys released an excellent debut album full of thrash metal in the old wave. Yep, as you can imagine, this is all based in American old school, and the way it changed the world of extreme music in middle 80’s.

If you ask me, these musicians make good homage to old names like Nuclear Assault, Sacred Reich, Anthrax, etc, and they really know the thrash metal/crossover business. All tracks are based in sharpened guitar riffs, violent vocals and excellent drum sections. Vocalist Stifo Piperman did an excellent work and gives a particular personality to the entire album; also, he recorded the bass guitar and he truly made an awesome work. I can hear every note and all of them are forged in the most honest and truly spirit of heavy metal. Just listen to “Die with Titties in Your Face” (what a name!!) and you will know what I’m talking about. This is a promising band coming from Thessaloniki, a place where is a cradle of good bands these days. Keep an eye on this name, you will not be disappointed. PS. Track called “QQQ” has an interesting ending section, hehehe!! – Victor Varas


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