DEVIL LEE ROT Doom Devilution Review

Devil Lee Rot Doom Evolution cover art

DEVIL LEE ROT “Doom Devilution”

Iron, Blood & Death Corporation

The return of one of the most prolific and profane motherfuckers is here, and it really deserves to keep an eye on it. Coming from Sweden, Thomas Karlsson is very well known because of his work in Pagan Rites, but this is the solo project where he shows a crude and intense heavy metal that sounds sulfuric as hell.

For moments, these songs reminds me a lot old horror metal bands from Italy, like Death SS, Paul Chain, etc, but it seems like the bigger influence is darkness in heavy metal music and classic touches from NWOBHM, as every track brings new epic lines among solid heavy metal structures. I like the way how this band creates spectral atmospheres with slow sections and simple heavy metal rhythms, forged in the most metallic and evil side of the genre. “Mourners Bell” is a good example for this: doomed guitar riffs, eclectic vocal lines and classic metallic spirit. As aforementioned, this is a great returning for an old warrior and seems like metal blood is still running inside his veins. Highly recommended! – Victor Varas

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