Old Temple Magazine Issue 2 Ready!


Old Temple Magazine strike again as profesionall printed magazine! 104 pages full of devil in Polish language. Blasphemous interviews with: North (Poland), Gravewurm (USA), Thou Shalt Fall (Belarus), Trauma (Poland), Det Gamle Besatt (Poland), Call Ov Unearthly (Poland), Genital Putrefaction / Nebiros (Deutchland), Suffering (Poland), Svartalfar (Poland), Swarost (Poland), Wishmaster (Poland), Offence (Poland), Diabolicon (Poland), Sacrofuck(Poland), Terror Tactic/Enslavement (Poland) concerts reports almost 140 reviews. Second issue is continuation of uncompromising path from first issue. Cover by VILU from KRATHERION. Design by ALKOHOLIC KOMMANDO SOSNOWIEC.

More info:

website :www.oldtemple.com

e-mail :old(at)oldtemple.com

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