QUESTION The Doomed Passages Review

Question cover art for a review

QUESTION “The Doomed Passages”

Chaos Records

It’s a pleasure for me listening to this album. It seems like Mexican death metal has a very healthy way at the moment, and this time there are many examples to name across the country. The fact is real, and these guys created an excellent debut album forged in the most insane, obscured and cryptic side of the genre.

All tracks have the stinky miasma of 90’s, and since first track you can smell rottenness and painful guitar riffs. They have good school, because they based the style not only in American old names, and perhaps you can notice big European roots on tracks like “Nefarious Conclusion” and “Devoured from within”, both with extremely thick and volatile guitar lines. Also, Marco did an excellent work on vocals, and seems like he knows the death metal business since many years ago, as he has a bloody throat full of ominous flames and psychopathic personality. As aforementioned, this is an excellent debut album for a promising band coming from Mexican underground scene, specifically from Queretaro. If you are familiar with big names of the genre in the early 90’s, you will get wet with this piece of destruction. Don’t miss it!! – Victor Varas

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