THE GARDNERZ It All Fades Review

The Gardnerz It all Fades cover art


Abyss Records

Some weeks ago I reviewed “Exiting Reality” album, also from these Swedish guys. Now is the time of this piece of intricate, gloomy and obscured death metal.

If you ask me, I perceive this album a bit more into progressive road, and all tracks are based in excellent musical structures that remind me a lot mid 90’s, when some death metal bands had an evolution and people didn’t catch it until later in 2000’s. This is indicative that the musicians have knowledge of the most creepy, sinister and macabre side of the genre. I liked the way they use slow and melodic sections combined with epic touches here and there. Guttural vocals sound excellent, and are an important element that gives personality to the whole album. This album includes an alternative version of “Transylvanian Hunger” (you know which band is it), and I will not describe it as I really like the original version and this one impacted me a lot. You have the last word about. Don’t miss this great album from a very interesting band coming from Sweden, and including people from other countries. – Victor Varas

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