HUMAN BUTCHERY Psychotic Abduction Review

Human butchery cover art

HUMAN BUTCHERY “Psychotic Abduction”

Mictlan recs/X Reviews/Inframundo Records

I admit that I have mixed feelings about this album. I really like brutal death metal bands when they create ultra-complex sections based in twisted guitar riffs, cannibalistic lines drowned in blood, and most of all, this DIY breath everybody knows from Latin-American metal bands.

If you ask me, the band has all these elements plus a totally psychotic personality which deserves your attention if you are into brutal death metal with touches of technical stuff. My only complaint is about the mix at the recording process. This really sounds horrible and crude in a bad way. Drums sound quite synthetic and this make a contrast with bass guitar’s attack. Also, guitars sound weak although there are really good riffs inside. Vocalist has a deep throat forged in blood, pain and pork meat. Sometimes he reaches touches of grind corish atmospheres and it gives a particular personality to the entire concept. All in all, this is a pretty good debut album done with guts, tons of deadly ideas and a particular perspective of deadly eloquence. If recording and mixing would have been better, this could be a perfect work. I’ll keep an eye on the band. – Victor Varas

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